About Us


Rewarded Projects 

  1. Radio Research Project,
  2. Power System for Telecom System Project

Rewarded Projects 

  1. Contracts of Electronics Equipment
  2. Radio Measuring and Testing Equipment & Mechanical Equipment Supply

Rewarded Projects 

  1. Contracts of Electronics Equipment
  2. Mobile Encryption System Project
  3. Turnkey System Integration for Motion Detection System Project
  4. Radio Communication Solution for Airport
  5. MPLS Core Network Turnkey Solution
  6. Email Server Turnkey Solution for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rewarded Projects 

  1. ISP Extension Project
  2. Data Center Management
  3. Turnkey Consultant Solution for Myanmar Parachute Federations


Hi-Link Solution optimizes business opportunities by rendering a service that: Deploys the latest technologies with 100% of customer satisfactions. Maximizes the limitless boundaries of innovation and the benefits of investment in there of blooming technologies.


  1. To facilitate as the most trusted turnkey System integrator in the field of cutting edge industries.
  2. To empower the customer innovation with world most leading technologies to meet their business need.
  3. To become the leader of the future Technologies’ market in both local and global reach.


In today’s fast paced technological environment, we initiate innovative ideas, concepts and solutions in timely manner.

We ensure that our executives and employees are skilled with updated technologies, trained for teamwork and effective communications.

We value our reputation and credibility in every aspect of the business and embrace with highest standards of moral and ethical principles.

We execute our services with consistency, accuracy and validity from every corner of the business.

We obligate all our business decisions and customer services by the standard of Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Lean Six Sigma.