Metro Ring Optimization Project

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Networking : Customer Success Story

A successful customer journey unfolded as we undertook a transformative project for our valued client. The primary objectives were to enhance network efficiency and reliability by transitioning from an outdated mesh topology to a modern ring topology. This involved deploying 10 aggregation switches and 4 Core Switches strategically.

Furthermore, we faced the challenge of recovering login credentials for both user login and console login. Due to a lack of information from the client's previous organization, we had to go the extra mile to retrieve the necessary credentials, ensuring seamless access for authorized personnel.

To ensure the smooth transition to the new network infrastructure, we diligently recovered the old configurations required for the running services. Additionally, we skillfully reconfigured all 10 aggregation switches and 4 Core Switches to align with the new ring topology, optimizing network performance and facilitating future scalability.

The final step was rigorous testing to guarantee the flawless operation of the running services. Our dedicated team conducted comprehensive assessments and evaluations, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the network was fully functional and met the client's expectations.

Through our expertise, perseverance, and collaborative approach, we successfully completed this project, enabling our client to benefit from a robust and efficient network infrastructure. Their network now operates seamlessly, providing enhanced connectivity and reliability for their day-to-day operations.