Seamless Migration of Telecom Network Core Routers Project

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Networking : Customer Success Story

One of our valued customers, Telecommunications Corporation, required a critical upgrade to their existing telecom network infrastructure. The challenge was to migrate their two core routers without causing any downtime or disruptions to their services. Our team was entrusted with this crucial task.

To begin, we accurately planned and executed the migration process. We carefully coordinated with our Customer to ensure a seamless transition. The two existing core routers were migrated to new, advanced models capable of meeting the growing demands of their network.

One of the key aspects of the migration was setting up the new core routers with DC power cabling. We ensured that the power supply to the routers remained uninterrupted during the migration process, minimizing any potential service interruptions.

Next, we undertook the task of recabling the entire network infrastructure. We replaced the old RJ45 cables with new optical cables, ensuring improved data transfer speeds and reliability. The recabling process was conducted systematically, ensuring proper positioning and labeling of the cables for easy identification and maintenance.

Moving forward, we thoroughly transferred the configurations from the old routers to the new routers. This step-by-step process ensured that all settings and parameters were accurately replicated, minimizing any configuration-related issues.

Post-migration, we conducted accurate testing to verify the success of the migration. We performed ping tests to ensure connectivity to service IP addresses, tested phone calls in specific areas to ensure uninterrupted communication, and conducted remote logging to the new core routers to monitor their performance.

The outcome of this migration was a resounding success. Our Customer Telecommunications experienced a smooth transition to their new core routers without any service interruptions. The upgraded infrastructure provided improved network performance, enhanced reliability, and increased capacity to support their growing customer base.

Our commitment to delivering a seamless migration resulted in the uninterrupted operation of our customer's services, providing their customers with uninterrupted connectivity. This success story highlights our expertise in managing complex network migrations while minimizing disruption and ensuring customer satisfaction.