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IoT Solutions

 Nearly 1.2 Million+ IoT devices are being activated every day and Hi-Link can offer a wide range of IoT Devices Installing and Implementation such as Safe City Solutions, Smart Living & IoT Solutions, Smart Transportation Solutions daily, Traffic Management IoT Solutions, and Integrated Banking Solutions using Top IoT Devices from our partners.


Our Solutions

Safe City

Increasing urban geographic entities & cities require more advanced technologies to protect people and property from threads. Nowadays, a very basic surveillance system makes immediate response and diving into crime investigation much easier and faster than before. Hi-Link offers basic to advanced Safe City Solutions from Top Vendors that are required for Urban needs.

Smart Living & IoT Solutions

Live our lives more efficiently with -The Internet of Things (IoT) expanded version of the internet. IoT performs with us daily, such as refrigerators, thermostats, and HVAC systems, to a centralized cloud system and makes our lives smarter with a centralized approach and automates our daily basis tasks. Make your daily life solves into a Smart and Technology-centered approach.

Smart Transportations

Hi-Link can offer Traffic Management, Smart Parking, Public Transport, and Transportation activities that meet your needs for digital transformations in your Transportation activities.

Traffic Management

The growing usage of automobiles has resulted in a massive traffic cycle in developed countries and people are using IoT devices to taking advantages for better organized traffic systems. The better organized traffic systems offer smoother and seamless flow of traffic and less jams between vehicles. Hi-Link can offer most reliable, seamless approach for Traffic Management.

Integrated Banking Solutions

International and Local Banks are approaching years by year with Technologies oriented approach and delivering values and significant competitive advantages to enhance seamless customers’ experience. Whether you are from commercial or co-operative banks, you can obtain following objectives including Enterprise or Organization Integration, Automation and Extending Process within Business, Automated Audit and Real Time Fraud Detectors.